Sleep Workshop

Are you looking for a natural and  effective solution to
your sleep problems?

Are you having trouble dropping off to sleep?

Do you struggle to relax and stop your mind ' over thinking' when you go to bed?

Do you wake up in the early hours of the morning and cant get back to sleep?


Then this 3 week Sleep workshop could be just what you need

Next workshop beginning

Thursday May 7th 7.30pm

$90 NZD



You will receive

  • 3 online  Zoom sessions in a group of no more that 8 people

  • 3 group guided meditations targeting common sleep problems via zoom

  • 3 audio meditations for you to keep

You will learn

  • Tips and tricks to creating a successful sleep routine

  • Strategies to help you to get off to sleep and back to sleep quickly if you happen to wake up during the night

  • How to use meditation to successfully quieten the mind and relax the body


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